Two weeks ago I shared an article with you about personal productivity that I saved to my Mindpalace. It was in this little segment that we like to call "SavedToMindpalace".

I saved it back then because personal productivity is a very relevant topic for me right now. Especially when it comes to optimizing my daily routines, I am currently actively searching for better ways to structure my day. And because I found the article so simple yet inspiring, I wanted to take away some key insights that I can then integrate into my daily life.

Although the article was amazing, I had already completely forgotten about it - my interesting insights were gone.

But then! - I received a push notification along those lines: Hey you, this was super relevant to you last week. Why don't you go back and revisit the things that you wanted to take away?

So, I did. I went back into my Mindpalace and actually skimmed the highlights and notes I had taken. While going through this list, I realised that the insights were still very much relevant today (duh!), but I that I had just completely forgotten most of them.

In today's times, this is absolutely normal. We take in so much inspiring content every day that it can be a bit overwhelming - sometimes we can all use a little reminder to stick to the things we wanted to learn.

If you also tend to forget the interesting things that you have just read or heard, then Mindpalace is exactly for you. Try out Mindpalace here or shoot me a message at