We find fascinating things all over the internet that we want to remember later. Maybe it's important information for your career, or maybe it's for a personal project. Whatever it is, saving to Mindpalace is super easy and works from wherever you are.

Share the things you find interesting with Mindpalace in the same way you would normally share a link with a friend or colleague. Mindpalace is your personal library, and it is your friend who always helps you find the information you need when you need it most.

Below you find all ways to save to Mindpalace:

  • Save to Mindpalace from your iPhone
  • Save to Mindpalace from your Android phone
  • Save to Mindpalace from your browser (Chrome)

Save to Mindpalace from your iPhone

On iOS, simply find the Share icon in any app (in Safari it's located in bottom bar - see screenshots). This will open the Share menu.

Scroll all the way to the right of available apps and click More (...). From here, you can select Mindpalace as a favorite. Once you click the green "+" icon, Mindpalace will always show up right away when you click the Share icon.

1: Select the Share icon from the menu bar (this works from any app)

2: Select More from the menu to open all apps
3: Press the "+" icon to add Mindpalace to your favourites

4: Mindpalace is now in your favourites whenever you share from any app. Press the Mindpalace icon to save anything

Save to Mindpalace from your Android phone

You're using Android? We got you, Just find the Share button!

On Android Chrome (see screenshots) you need to tap the three dots to bring up the menu. Next tap Share, then select Mindpalace from the list of apps. Long press on the Mindpalace icon and pin it to make it faster next time.

1: Press the three dots to open the browser menu (in other apps you can directly press the Share icon)

2: Press Share to open the menu

3: Press More to see all apps

4: Select Mindpalace from the list of apps

5: Long press Mindpalace to pin to add it to your favourites

Save to Mindpalace from your browser (Chrome)

If you are using Chrome, there is a super easy way to save articles and websites to your Mindpalace using our browser extension. Simply head over to the Chrome Webstore and install the extension to your browser. This also works on other Chromium browsers like the Edge.

Add the extension from the Chrome Web Store

Next, pin the Mindpalace Extension to your browser's top bar as shown below:

Click the Pin icon to add Mindpalace to your favourites.

Almost done! Simply sign in with your Mindpalace credentials and you're good to go. Now, you head over to any website and save it to Mindpalace. 🎉

Done! Now you can head to any website and click the Mindpalace icon to save any article or website.

In case of any issue, please feel free to always reach out to us at app@mind-palace.io.