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Where it all started...

Story time! 📖

The idea for Mindpalace came up as we were trying to solve our own problems with managing knowledge from all sorts of places. We at Mindpalace read a lot of articles & books, watch tons of (tutorial) videos, and listen to podcasts on a daily basis - all in an effort to learn something new every day.

We realized that most of the insights you have while reading or listening are gone the next day if you don’t save them in some way and reflect on them later. Isn't that frustrating? We invest so much time into consuming content, and still we remember so little.

Most tools we tried require significant manual effort to organize everything and don’t offer a way to reflect on your knowledge. That’s why we decided to build Mindpalace - so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of having a smart personal library without the enormous overhead that comes with other tools.

Yannik Wojcicki

Co-Founder & CEO
Yannik is a nerd turned entrepreneur, and is responsible for the business side of Mindpalace and helps in building the product.

When he’s not working on Mindpalace, he’s crazy about podcasts and all sorts of sports (⛷ in winter, 🚴 being the most recent addition).

Luke Haliburton

Co-Founder & CTO
Luke is an experienced engineer and is in charge of the tech side of Mindpalace. He's the man behind the magic 👨💻

Luke is obsessed with reading, most of the content he saves to Mindpalace comes from Reddit and his Kindle. Outside of the office, Luke is big into adventure sports like hiking and climbing 🧗

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