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Save from anywhere

The Mindpalace App and our Chrome Extension let you save all your favorite content from books, articles, and podcasts.

Powerful search

Find anything within second. Mindpalace automatically organizes your library and makes searching for anything super easy.

Remember more

Mindpalace engages you with your information so you learn & remember more from it. So that you can be smarter when it counts.

Save from anywhere

Have you ever been reading an article or listening to a podcast and thought: “Oh this is good. I need to remember this!”

Save anything you find with one click to Mindpalace.

    One place for everything - all connected

    Stop endlessly scrolling through bookmarks and notes searching for something you’ve seen.
    Everything is right here.

    Automatically tagged and sorted so that you don’t need to worry about organization.

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    Learn anything

    What if you could have all the tips & knowledge that you've seen or heard ready when you need them?

    Instead of dumping your saved items into a folder never to be seen again, Mindpalace engages you with your information so you learn and remember more from it.

    Integrated with the tools you love

    Why our users love Mindpalace

    Klaudia, Student
    "This was still missing! Mindpalace is my new home whenever I find something interesting online. It saves articles, screenshots and even podcast snippets with additional notes about what was so insightful about the subject."
    Jan, Product Manager
    "I just came across Mindpalace because I was searching for a space that organizes all the screenshots and audio snippets I have taken whenever I was reading an article or listend to a podcast. It's so intuitive and really levels up my knowledge management game."
    Andy, Founder
    "Mindpalace now helps me collect all this scattered info and presents it to me again and
    again. So I can not only shine with my memory in front of friends, but work through topics deeply. Powerful!"
    Simon, Product Owner
    "I am using Mindpalace for a few weeks and it is just amazing. The way you can save the
    snippets from your favourite shows is unbeatable. I used to take screenshots of the parts, but now I have an amazing solution."
    Janet, Researcher
    "This app helps me organize the content I find on the internet and keep it all in one place. I also love how it shows me things I saved earlier in the week so that I don’t forget about it. Lifesaver of an app!"
    Michael, Marketing Manager
    Honestly, I have been frustrated with having articles and podcasts I like scattered across multiple sources. Mindpalace solves this - I have all the stuff I want to revisit and learn in one place (even across multiple devices with their web app for desktop!). So this quickly became my go-to app for knowledge management!
    Antonia, Founder
    "Looooooove it. Mindpalace is now my go to place whenever I find something interesting online. I can save interesting articles, youtube videos and snippets from podcasts that I found inspiring. And the 'Reflect' section of the app actually helps me remember more from the thing I care about."

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